Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nontraditional and STEM Careers by Career Cluster

Wondering how nontraditional and STEM Careers fit into Career Clusters and Pathways? Three handy and attractive Guides crosswalk nontraditional and STEM Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes across Cluster and Pathway. One Guide is for female nontraditional careers, one for male nontraditional careers, and one for STEM careers. These guides are based on the December 2008 Version of Table 3: CIP-Nontrad-Cluster-Pathway and developed by the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity. That table is one source for these crosswalks. The STEM-Related Career Cluster document created by the STEM Equity Pipeline Project, a National Science Foundation initiative, was the source for the STEM Nontraditional Careers by Career Cluster Guide. All three Guides were created by Lisa Matejka of Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support.